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Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Acoustic guitar contains 6 steel strings, when play, produced a brighter, louder sound. The neck of the acoustic guitar is narrower than the classical guitar, making it easier for small hands to play. Acoustic guitar lessons is also more convenient than electric guitar, because it is easy for you to bring guitar anywhere. Compare to electric guitar where you also need to bring other electronic components such as amplifier and cable. Starting with acoustic guitar is generally less expensive because you do not need an amplifier and other accessories.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars have heavier gauge strings which require slightly firmer picking and fingering. Acoustic guitar provides the necessary foundation for playing notes and chords while at the same time, helps to develop strength and dexterity for picking, strumming, fingerstyle, and other styles of playing. The finger strength and dexterity developed can then be leveraged to other types of guitars, or even other string instruments. The sound of the acoustic guitar is familiar as it is used in popular music - this may help one motivation to play when one aspire to be like their favourite singers (Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz etc).

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